Transform Your Home into a Greener One with Hanging Wall Planters

We believe that in each and every one of us, a gardener lurks within. Growing plants, whether done indoors or outdoors has proven to be a beneficial activity. It improves of mental wellbeing while simultaneously enhancing the property or home interiors. However, when your living space is at a premium, you can always opt for hanging plant stands to contain them. Read our guide for more information about the item.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a recommended height for hanging plants?

    Answer: Normal ceiling heights will do well with standard hanging plants stands, which have a length beginning at 12 inches up to 24 inches. These hanging plant stands though will not work for homes with higher ceilings. A recommended height for hanging plants is approximately at eye level since this makes caring for them, from watering down to checking them, a lot easier.

  2. What type of plants look best in hanging plant stands?

    Answer: The best plants for hanging plant stands will be based on how much the specific plant depend on sunlight for sustenance. Thus, if you are caring for plants that need sunlight, if you want to put them indoors, you should position the hanging plant stand in a spot that gets a lot of sunlight. There are plants though that do not need the sun in order to thrive and they are more recommended for planting indoors.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing hanging plant stands?

    Answer: Hanging plants differ when it comes to sizes, shapes and materials they were made with. They often include a rope or metal chain. If you want more support for your plants, or in case you plan on tending heavier, bigger plant varieties, you should opt for hanging plant stands with metal chains. Outdoor hanging plant stands are usually more durable compared to ones made for indoor use but if you want something more durable, you can opt for outdoor hanging plant stands since these items are made to endure the elements. In addition, just because it’s cheaper, it does not mean it has decent quality. Read reviews of the product first before purchasing it.

Our Top Picks


KNIKGLASS Glass Planters Wall Hanging Planters

  • Features diamond-shaped hanging planters
  • Includes 5 planters
  • Planter comes with 1 side hole
  • Stylish geometric design

If you want to boost the ambiance of your living space, why not opt for decorative pieces? Plant lovers like you should take up these KNIKGLASS Glass Planters Wall Hanging Planters for added eyecandy at home. The planters come in chic diamond shapes—these are pieces which will fit any modern home, be it minimalist or sophisticated. Every planter includes a tiny hole at the top back for easy hanging and it installs simply with its the accompanying nail hook. It’s fast to install and remove as well without doing damage on your wall.


Orimina Wall Hanging Planters

  • Set of 6 hanging glass planters
  • Features round shape
  • Includes hole on back of glass
  • Great container for air plants

The Orimina Wall Hanging Planters is a set of 6 hanging planters with durable glass material that has enough thickness to it to accommodate a great variety if air plants. The planters each include a hole at the back so you can easily dangle it on the wall without damaging it. This means this is a great planter for people renting houses or apartments. Installation was a snap and it can be removed without much fuss as well. The best highlight of these plants though is the glass material since it does not feet brittle and it’s sturdy enough without being too heavy.


Mkono Wall Hanging Planters

  • Set of 2 hanging planters
  • Features cool hexagonal shape
  • Includes high boron silicon heat-resistant glass
  • Has small hole in back

These Mkono Wall Hanging Planters are welcome additions every plant lover’s abode thanks to their chic geometric stylings. Like the other hanging planters before it, this one also comes with a tiny hole at the back to suspend the plants in the air gracefully. Whether you tend flowering foliage, air plants or want to incorporate the set as a part of a special event backdrop, this set will surely bring in a natural, laidback vibe. The glass is also durable and has great quality due to it being high boron silicon material that is resistant against heat.


Glassseam Glass Large Hanging Planters

  • Multipurpose hanging terrarium kit
  • For air plants, creeping plans, shrubs and grasses
  • High borosilicate heat-resistant glass
  • Environment-friendly

The Glassseam Glass Large Hanging Planters is a nice versatile set of 4 planters that can accommodate a nice selection of foliage from creeping plants, air plants, aquatic plants, shrubs, miniature ferns and grasses. The glass component of this pack is made from transparent heat-resistant high borosilicate glass—this means it’s quite durable and will last for a good while with minimal care. Having these planters around with healthy foliage brings much-needed oxygen and feel-good vibes around your home, regardless of where you put them.


VBgree Wall Hanging Glass Planter

  • Brings more greenery at home
  • Simple installation
  • Great for lots of plants
  • Has 50-inch string

The VBgree Wall Hanging Glass Planter encourages having plenty of greens at home so you are surrounded by nature each time. Tend your air plants, succulents, Monstera plants, philodendrons, Christmas cacti, lucky bamboo, ivies and begonias using these planters for an instant pep in your living space. The planters come in a good range of sizes, each bearing a 50-inch string. Having these items around also allow you to see your plants develop every day.


BOYOU Hanging Planter

  • Contemporary planters
  • Includes non-toxic, durable odor-free glass
  • Easy to install and remove
  • 9mm thick high-quality solid wood board

If you want a stylish spectacle for your lovely green, make sure to contain them in striking hanging planters like this one from BOYOU. These modern pieces not only give your plants a nice home, it also embellishes your living space by adding texture, form and color. The planters are easy to mount and remove plus it comes with non-toxic, odor-free sturdy glass material too. Both the wooden base and glass are durable and can accommodate a sufficient amount of weight.

Improve your home’s interiors in an instant with foliage contained inside equally-striking hanging wall planters. Turn your green into beneficial décor with choice recommendations in our list.