The Best Indoor-Friendly Live Potted Plants

In these difficult times, lots of people have turned to gardening to relax, relieve stress and ease boredom caused by quarantine measures and coronavirus worries. Even folks living in urban landscapes have discovered the wonders of tending houseplants—the sight of colorful flora and lush greenery can be calming and offers plenty of benefits for such environments. Plants not only add color to your interiors but it also helps improve air quality inside your living space. If indoor live plants are currently in your To Buy list, we will make decisions easier for you by providing our choice selections.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the correct way to water indoor plants?

    Answer: Watering is possibly the most common cause of indoor plant death—the plant is either underwatered or overwatered. To avoid this issue, make sure to check the soil every day. If the soil seems dry, an inch down or the pot produces a hollow sound whenever it’s hit, then it needs watering. Also, make sure that you choose the right soil for the plant since good soil drains appropriately and this makes watering indoor plants simpler. Heavier soil holds water excessively and this can lead to crown rot.

  2. What is the best temperature for indoor plants?

    Answer: Always remember that indoor environment is different from an outdoor one—living spaces tend to be cooler, darker and a little drier so specific plants might have slower growth. Thus, to grow healthy indoor plants, they need the right light, temperature, water, nutrients, soil and humidity. Majority of indoor plants in terms of temperature favor temps ranging from 65-75 degrees in the daytime while at night, they prefer temperatures between 60-65 degrees. In the daytime and summer, plants love the sun so it’s better if you place them close to the windows as much as possible. Plants do not like drafts or cold air so keep them away from the windows during cool days and winter.

  3. What is the best soil for indoor plants?

    Answer: The soil that indoor plants need should be well-balanced—this means its pH level should be moderately acidic. Supplement quality soil with an excellent mix of nutrients—a good blend contains vermiculite, peat moss and fertilizer for a drainage boost and the best water retention. Plants benefit from fertilizers since it provides the soil with potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous. However, since they are tended indoors and develop at a slower pace, these plants do not really require frequent application of fertilizers—too much fertilizers can damage them.

Our Top Picks


9GreenBox Golden Devil’s Ivy

  • Beautiful indoor plant for home or office
  • Recommended as pedestal plant
  • Rich green and yellow hue
  • Grown in the U.S.A

The 9GreenBox Golden Devil’s Ivy, also known as the Epipremnum (Scindapus) aureum is one of the easiest plants that you can grow indoors. It is also one of the prettiest due to its vivid green and yellow colors. The plant develops trailing stems which bear leaves that have an eye-catching heart shape complemented with spatters of bright yellow and white hues. Its trailing stems can be trained to grow on a trellis or moss stick as well. This plant makes for an excellent indoor green since it grows well under fluorescent lighting. Requires regular watering to thrive, other than that’s it’s very fuss-free.


Just Add Ice Money Tree Easy Care Live Plants

  • Eye-catching decorative indoor plant
  • Easy to care for
  • Great for home and office
  • Comes in red ceramic pot

The Just Add Ice Money Tree Easy Care Live Plants is another plant that requires minimal care and maintenance, perfect for busybodies who love surrounding themselves with greenery. You only need to water this plant once every week with six ice cubes, and it’s all good. The plant comes as 5 plants which were weaved and entwined into a single tree for an ornamental green that catches guests’ attention. It comes in a suitable red ceramic pot as well. Very high-quality plant and grows well under fluorescent lights.


Staghorn Fern 6.5-Inch Hanging Plant

  • Comes in 6-inch hanging pot
  • Stunning unique fronds
  • Includes care guide
  • Has organic plant food

The Staghorn Fern 6.5-Inch Hanging Plant is a popular plant specie due to its striking, distinctive fronds. They can be grown in pots but also make for excellent air plants—this is due to the fact that in their natural environment, staghorn ferns grow on trees and other plants too. To grow healthy staghorn ferns, you need to keep these bad boys under bright, indirect lighting. Make sure to keep the soil moderately moist—do not plop water on the crown directly to prevent rot. The package already includes a care guide and organic plant food—it’s actually an excellent value-for-your-money deal.


Brussel’s Bonsai Live Golden Gate Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree

  • Best indoor ficus variety
  • Includes soil and care guide
  • Comes in decorative container
  • Great as gift

Bonsai is an artistic Japanese gardening technique which involves dwarfing a tree specie and shaping them to resemble the natural splendor of trees albeit in a more diminutive style. This Brussel’s Bonsai tree represents the Golden Gate Ficus which is the most recommended ficus variety for indoor cultivation. It is easy to tend and require minimal maintenance. The brand creates exquisite, decorative bonsai trees under well-monitored, controlled conditions, careful wiring and pruning under a specific period of time. What you get is a quality bonsai tree in which with your help and care, will remain a pleasant sight that is most welcome to your home.


House Plant Shop Syngonium ‘White Butterfly’ (Arrowhead Plant) Live Plant

  • Great for growing indoors
  • Easy to care for
  • Comes in 4-inch pot
  • Interesting frond shape and color

The White Butterfly Syngonium, also known as the arrowhead plant, is one of the easiest plants to tend indoors. Coming from the House Plant Shop, this attention-grabbing green is easy to care for and will live a long life if cared for correctly. The plant shows off dappled fronds with an arrow shape—the plant in fact was referred to as the White Butterfly due to its leaf shape. When the plant ages, the leaves turn paler and becomes more resplendent and unique. The plant comes already in a 4-inch pot once delivered.


Hirt’s Gardens Spathyphyllium Zen Peace Lily Plant

  • Gives flowers all year-round
  • Great for growing indoors
  • Home-grown by Hirt’s Gardens

If you are after flowering plants, you cannot go wrong with the beauty of the Hirt’s Gardens Spathyphyllium Zen Peace Lily Plant. The plant’s genus name refers to its spadix which is a duo of bracts covering the plant’s flower cluster. It is an easy plant for indoor gardening too since it thrives in low light—all you need to do is maintain the moistness of the soil. A droop in the leaves means it requires water but no worries since the fronds will quickly bounce back to life once it gets its moisture.

Bring color and vitality in your living space by simply adding house plants. There are lots of plants that are quite indoor-friendly, as you can see in this list. Whether you are after plants with blooms or simple vibrant, deep green leafy plants, tending after them even for just a few minutes, helps relax and take away life’s pressures and hassles.