We List The Best, Stunning Living Room Curtains

A house, whether it’s your own or a rented one, needs the right pieces to make it comfy, livable and pleasing to the eyes. One of the pieces that can make it or break it are curtains. That’s right, well-selected curtains will impart a sense of class and luxury to every home or apartment. It’s not only put there to block out lights and keep your home warm enough, it’s also there for aesthetics. For ideas on how to get the right curtains, we have this guide to steer you in the right direction.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the advantages of using curtains?

    Answer: Curtains for the most part, serve as nice aesthetic pieces. The poles and its finials are available in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes so there’s always something that will suit your living space. It adds elegance care of the plush materials, colors and patterns it comes with. You can also add accessories to curtains to further improve its appearance. Curtains also give insulation—they can be supplemented with thicker material to provide additional heat insulation. Curtains are also easier to hang compared to blinds—if you want to replace curtains, you only need to unhook them from the pole, fasten the hooks to the replacement and it’s finished.

  2. What is the most suitable curtain for my living room?

    Answer: If you have bigger windows in the living room, the best curtains for it are layered or pleated ones. Choose curtains made from silk, satin or velvet materials. Beaded curtains are also great eye-catchers and suit large windows. For street-facing windows, opt for double-sided curtains so your home will still look presentable even from the outside.

  3. How do you care for curtains?

    Answer: Extend the life of your curtains by vacuuming it regularly using an attachment for upholstery. If your curtains are made from delicate, lightweight material, you can remove dust, lint or animal fur by using a regular duster on it carefully. Handwash lace or sheer curtains because machine-washing might damage those delicate materials. If you prefer a machine-wash, you can just throw the curtain in a mesh bag to protect the item from damage. Make sure to follow manufacturer instructions for proper care and maintenance of the curtains. Dry-clean curtains only if it’s advised by the manufacturer.

Our Top Picks


BGment Blackout Curtains

  • Panel has 6 silver metal grommets
  • Blocks 85-99% UV rays/sunlight
  • Thermal-insulated curtains
  • Includes 2 curtains and 2 tiebacks

The BGment Blackout Curtains are meant to protect your home from UV rays and sunlight—it is composed of high-quality, solid fabric layer, dense black yarn layer and another solid fabric layer finished with high-tech triple-weave technology. The thicker, reinforced built of the curtains also provide extra insulation during winter. The curtains feature trimmed threads, excellent seaming, has loose thread protection and completely wrinkle-free. If you want your floor and upholstery protected from UV rays, this option is a good choice.


StangH Blue Velvet Blackout Curtains

  • Silky-smooth, plus velvet material
  • Beautiful draping
  • Easy to care for
  • Dims lightly

The StangH Blue Velvet Blackout Curtains presents two panels crafted from first-rate, super-soft and luxurious velvet material—these blackout curtains are available in several colors too so there’s something that will suit your living space. These blackout curtains can dim your home lightly in case you want some quiet time for relaxation plus it also provides protection against the wind. It’s great used in the living room, the bedroom, the bath, kitchen, recreation rooms, even the patio and the study—it adds instant elegance to all spaces.


NAPEARL European Style Jacquard Curtains

  • 50-60% blackout curtain
  • Elegant European-style jacquard curtains
  • Dims rooms lightly
  • High-quality darkening curtains

The NAPEARL European Style Jacquard Curtains will add plenty of opulence to your abode by way of its Euro-style jacquard design—the technology used for this design results to patterns that are clearer, richer and more vivid. The curtain will look like new for a longer period of time since it has excellent fade-resistance. The curtains allow a bit of light-blocking—it will not cover the room in darkness but will still allow a little light to push through. This means muted light good enough for winding down in the middle of the day.


Elrene Home Fashions 26865855173 Window Curtain

  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Lightweight and airy
  • With eye-catching lustrous sheen
  • Easy to care for

If you want a drape that is graceful and refined, the Elrene Home Fashions 26865855173 Window Curtain may be the option you need. The curtains exude an airy feel, is lightweight and presents a wonderful drape which gives the room a sophisticated, luxe mood. The panels of this option present a crushed silk aesthetic that displays a nice gleam on the fabric—no doubt one of the highlights of this curtain set. And by highlight, we mean that literally and figuratively.


Sapphire Home Jacquard Window Curtain Drapes

  • Made from 100% polyester with jacquard quality
  • Includes valance scarf and sheer backing
  • Comes with 2 matching tassels
  • Available in several colors

The Sapphire Home Jacquard Window Curtain Drapes are made from high-quality 100 percent polyester and feature jacquard prints for longer-lasting patterns. The set already includes a valance scarf, which adds chicness to the whole ensemble, matching tassels and sheer backing. These curtains are not 100 percent blackout curtains but they do provide enough shade to guard your home from harsh daytime lights. The curtain is also available in several colors and designs to suit varying tastes and preferences.


TIYANA Luxury Embroidered Cloth Curtain

  • Made from 100% polyester
  • With beige floral pattern
  • Includes 1 curtain panel
  • Comes with grommet top

The TIYANA Luxury Embroidered Cloth Curtain presents the beauty of sheer, embellished and stitched drapery. While the package only comes with just one cloth curtain and a matching grommet, purchasing several pieces of this option to fit all of your living room or bedroom windows make for a good buy since it looks quite beautiful and dainty set up against the windows. It matches the color of sunlight very well—if you like having the sun filter through your windows, sheer curtains like this one are recommended. Also, nice to set up in the kitchen, the bath and children’s rooms.

Choose your curtains carefully and you will be rewarded with a home that looks stunning and comfy. Curtains come in a good selection of fabrics, styles and colors—all you need to do is match pieces depending on your preference and taste plus your furnishings and living room set-up. Remember, curtains can either enhance your interiors or leave it looking drab so pick said items very well by using our guide.