The Best Accent Chair Eye-Catchers

If you will look at some of the most stunning living room ensembles in the world today, you will see that every area features striking accent pieces. If you want to give your own living space a much-needed style upgrade, you can do so by adding such items. An accent chair will perk up living rooms due their neat, modern lines and plush materials. Create your living room upgrade plans with some help from our top accent chair suggestions.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is an accent chair exactly?

    Answer: The accent chair was made to suit various types of living arrangements. They are complementary additions to living rooms since they do not only improve the area’s appearance, they also provide extra seating. Accent chairs come in different forms, colors, materials, designs and textures. This kind of furniture brings comfort and sophistication in areas where it’s placed. Chairs like this do not come in pairs or sets though—accent chairs are often available as a single piece, being ornamental furniture for living rooms. These chairs need to be matched meticulously with the style and set-up of the area and positioned in a spot which commands an excellent central point.

  2. Where is the most ideal spot for accent chairs in the living room?

    Answer: There are lots of variety when it comes to accent chairs that complement modern and traditional room styles. Placement of the chair though is crucial. The right place to position your accent chair will be based on its kind. If the accent chair has exquisite details like for instance, etched designs, positioning it against the wall won’t highlights its beauty. You have to position it in a spot where it can be appreciated from various angles. In addition, accent chairs are not only great for living rooms—it can be used to complement additional space in areas like the study, the bedroom, the den or the home library.

  3. Are accent chairs different from dining chairs?

    Answer: Accent chairs should never be mistaken for dining room chairs. These pieces have their own specific purposes. In addition, accent chairs differ from dining room chairs in terms of appearance—these chairs are often heftier and heavier compared to standard dining room chairs.

Our Top Picks


Christopher Knight Home Toddman High Back Club Chair

  • 17 inches seat height
  • Traditional armless style
  • Curved design
  • High-quality linen and polyester

The Christopher Knight Home Toddman High Back Club Chair earns a rightful place in your living room. This one features a classic armless style with a graceful curved wingback design that sparks much elegance in your living space. It’s not only a stunning piece that you can value from all viewpoints—it also provides a nice, comfy seating where you can relax, read a book, watch movies or simply get some much-needed alone time after a trying day at work. The solid, expert built also gives off a tight sense of durability and strength—this one can last for years with proper care and maintenance.


HollyHOME Modern Fabric Lazy Chair

  • 500 lbs. weight capacity
  • Comfy seat and armrests
  • Strong powder-coated steel frame
  • Quick assembly

In the market for a new chair with ornamental characteristics? The HollyHOME Modern Fabric Lazy Chair is a good option. This chair features one of the comfiest seating and armrests in this list. It’s just meant to be sat on and enjoyed. The powder-coated steel frame assures that this chair will last for ages while its convenient pocket, located on the right part of the chair, stores whatever essentials you need to have on hand like mobile phones, new books or newspapers. Plus, because this one has a steel frame, it can accommodate heavier weight capacities—this one in fact supports up to 500 lbs. of weight.


Rivet Slade Contemporary Living Room Accent Swivel Chair

  • 18 inches seat height
  • Has strong solid hardwood frame
  • Includes wooden swivel base
  • Features performance fabric upholstery

The Rivet Slade Contemporary Living Room Accent Swivel Chair brings a pop of stylishness and polish to living rooms, bedrooms, the study and home offices. This one comes with a robust hardwood frame complemented by its performance fabric upholstery and wooden swivel base. This one does not require any assembly at all—you can use this chair as soon as it’s delivered. The contemporary appearance of this chair allows it to blend well with many residential décor styles. Its foam cushions and armrests are cozy enough for relaxing. The chair also provides smooth 360-degree spins for extra convenience.


Rivet Farr Lotus Accent Chair

  • Has stainless steel vase
  • Includes plywood-strengthened back and sides
  • Won’t require assembly
  • Vintage and modern style fusion

The Rivet Farr Lotus Accent Chair has a design that mixes modern touches with a dash of vintage. It features a stainless steel base with sides and back that are reinforced by plywood material. The design of this chair is quite the attention-getter and it would be great if this one comes in many color options too—like bright ones for instance. If you want a bold statement for your living space, having this one around will indeed put some bang in your abode. It’s comfortable, its design is fresh and it provides extra seating too.


Modway Nutshell Mid-Century Accent Lounge Chair

  • Striking mid-century style
  • Vintage 70s chair design feel
  • Faux leather upholstery
  • Ergonomic support

The Modway Nutshell Mid-Century Accent Lounge Chair is another flattering and most-welcome piece for your living space. This option features a style that evokes 70s-era chairs—if you want a vintage feel that harkens back to that specific period, you should definitely give this one a thorough look. The chair comes with slim metal legs and a spontaneous profile that also determines this one is a contemporary accent piece. It features faux leather upholstery with dense foam cushioning, excellent stitching and a roomy design that provides the best ergonomic support.


Belleze Mid Century Modern Tripod Plywood Lounge Chair

  • Low-profile accent chair
  • Great for small living spaces
  • Polished silhouette
  • Sleek, smooth design

The Belleze Mid Century Modern Tripod Plywood Lounge Chair promises an instant upgrade on your living space, bedroom, study or home office’s décor by way of its sleek, impeccable looks. This one features 3 tapered legs for the best stability and durability while its even arches brings about polish and panache. The plywood of this accent chair is molded to the accurate dimensions and arches of the chair as well to produce understated contours for excellent relaxation and ergonomics.

No need to give your living room a complete overhaul—all you need is a matching accent piece. Accent chairs not only give extra seating, it’s also one of the most affordable ways to instantly perk up your living space. Check out our list of soon-to-be timeless pieces and see which among those options suit your room best.