Give Living Rooms a Lift with the Best Coffee Tables

For most homeowners, the coffee table is an afterthought. Any table in the middle of their living room showcase will work according to some homeowners. Hence, they do not really put too much thought in purchasing coffee tables. Coffee tables though are more than just mere furniture to finish off the décor of a living room. It serves as the central focus of the area, much more than the couch and the chairs surrounding it. Regardless of how luxurious your couch and chairs look and feel, its appearance will not be pronounced without the help of a suitable, elegant coffee table. So, make sure to choose your coffee tables as you would any major furniture in your home. Here are some of your favorites.

Buyers Guide

  1. Should coffee tables be higher compared to couches?

    Answer: The coffee table should be lower than the couch’s seat, or in case you prefer, you can choose a coffee table that has the same height as the seat. In terms of length, coffee tables should have a length around 2/3 of the sofa or couch.

  2. How far should a coffee table be from the couch?

    Answer: The coffee table must be positioned around 14 to 18 inches away from the couch or sofa.

  3. What factors must be considered when selecting the best coffee tables?

    Answer: The scale and the size of the coffee table must be taken into consideration. If the living room area has available space between the couch or has a corner lounge, square, round and bigger rectangular tables are suitable for it. If you want a table in front of the TV and the couch, get the rectangular kind. Do you read, watch DVDs or listen to music in the living room? Get a coffee table with extra storage. If you want to use the coffee table to entertain guests, choose one that is easy to maintain. Get a coffee table that suits the current design scheme of your living room.

Our Top Picks


Furinno Simple Design Coffee Table

  • Measures 35.5 x 21.5 x 16.25 inches
  • Simple yet functional design
  • Made from strong engineered particle board
  • Easy to assemble

The Furinno Simple Design Coffee Table is an option that is easy on the budget—this is a nice starter table for first-time apartment dwellers or home owners. It is easy to assemble—you can set up the whole table within minutes without any extra help. The table is crafted from fine, durable engineered particle board, which is sourced from recycled rubber tree items. Due to the recycled content, this table is also a nice eco-friendly option. The set-up is quite sturdy and durable plus it does not have any unpleasant smells too.


VASAGLE Sofa Table

  • Measures 41.8 x 23.7 x 17.7 inches
  • Has durable metal and particleboard components
  • Features iron top
  • Easy to assemble

The VASAGLE Sofa Table will not entail any professional help when it comes to putting the table together—there’s a detailed instruction manual provided. The table features a combo of rustic and industrial touches due to the warm wood colors and metal components—specifically the inclusion of a black matte iron frame. The iron frame also helps in the overall strength and stability of the table. The table features additional storage space which is made up of a durable metal grid—you can put magazines, books, DVDs or other living room essentials.


Emerald Home Chandler Solid Wood and Steel Coffee Table

  • Made from durable wood and metal
  • Features contemporary rectangular shape
  • Has country and industrial style
  • Comes with solid steel angled legs

The Emerald Home Chandler Solid Wood and Steel Coffee Table is made up of strong and stable metal and hardwood components—this combination of different materials also lends the whole set-up with a rustic and industrial feel. The warm tones provided by the wooden elements and the dark, glossy finish of steel material will instantly perk up your living room décor and give it an old-fashioned, homey feel. The table features angled legs made from solid steel made stable and strong by reliable cross-bracing design. This is a striking piece that is a most welcome addition to modern homes.


GreenForest Round Coffee Table

  • Measures 35.83 x 35.83 x 17.91 inches
  • Has P2 particle board top
  • Elegant oak finish
  • Comes with 3D mesh storage

The GreenForest Round Coffee Table is another rustic favorite from this list. This option includes additional storage made possible by the 3D mesh shelf. This is a good spot for your living room essentials, books, magazines, DVDs and other items. The table top is crafted from high-quality 3D wood grain and MDF materials. For a polished, modern and sleek appearance, this table is also finished with a stylish metal frame. Other highlights of this piece include its durability, water-resistance, stability, sturdiness and eco-friendly qualities.


Henn&Hart Modern Chic 2-Tier Coffee Table

  • Measures 43 x 23 x 18 inches
  • With tempered glass table top
  • Has durable steel frame
  • Versatile and chic design

The Henn&Hart Modern Chic 2-Tier Coffee Table is an elegant and modern way to give your living room a life—by means of sleek glass elements. The table comes with a table top made from durable, sturdy and transparent tempered glass—the top shows off the table’s ultra-hip geometric X design of its foundation. This geometric metal foundation is not mere eye candy only since it also gives the table its strength and stability. This is also one of the easiest coffee tables that you can assemble.


Magnussen Yukon Industrial Bourbon Coffee Table

  • Measures 40 x 40 x 18.5 inches
  • Features beautiful pine bourbon finish
  • With textured, aged iron metal legs
  • Includes casters

Get rid of that old coffee table and give way to the rustic elegance of the Magnussen Yukon Industrial Bourbon Coffee Table. The coffee table features an eye-catching pine bourbon finish which gives every table from this lineup a very distinctive look—the finish also emphasizes the wood’s natural splendor. It is supplemented by its strong, hardwearing textured and aged iron metal legs and a table top made from distressed wood. The table also supplies extra storage by means of its framed planked wood shelf.

Tired of your lackluster living room? Why not cheer it up with the right coffee table?  A coffee table that suits the living room well will add more aesthetic appeal to the entire set-up. Choose the best ones by making this guide a reference.