Furnish Your Home with Tasteful Modern Vases

If you want to add more vibrancy and color to your living space, fresh flowers are always a welcome sight. The appearance and hues of freshly-picked blooms turn drab old rooms into a more stylish, refined one. For homeowners who are not too sensitive to stronger floral fragrances, blossoms like roses and lilies also give your living space a delightful scent. Once you have your choice flowers on hand, you need to put them in a chic modern vase. Check out ideas by reading the rest of this post.

Buyers Guide

  1. What materials are often used to make flower vases?

    Answer: Materials used to make vases include glass, metal, wood, crystal and ceramic. Glass and ceramic vases are two of the most common flower vases today. Ceramic ones come in a great range of shapes, colors and designs. Glass vases are transparent and at times, are tinted in various colors. The best thing about glass vases is that the material allows the light to peek through and in turn, gives a spectacle that catches the eye. However, both ceramic and glass are breakable thus should be handled with care. The same can be said for crystal vases—crystal vases often feature beautiful designs but needs careful handling. Metal vases often come in modern designs, last longer since they are break-resistant and available in lots of textures and finishes. Wood is another popular pick for many due to its natural and rustic qualities but just make sure that the wood material has been waterproofed for extra durability.

  2. Where is the best location for a flower vase?

    Answer: You can put a flower vase anywhere in the house—whether you want it on top of a table, as a hanging décor or placed on top of the floor, the flowers along with the vase will still stand out and add pep to any room. Vases made for table use are often small and lightweight and can contain a few flowers. Floor vases come with heavier bottoms to contain a bigger number of blooms. Wall vases meanwhile provide depth and character to living spaces.

  3. How tall should flowers be cut for vase décor?

    Answer: The length of flowers should not go over 1 1/2 of the vase’s overall height. For example, for flowers bearing 20-inch stems, the best vase for it is something that has a general height of 10-13 inches.

Our Top Picks


Royal Imports Flower Glass Vase

  • Made with fine mirror and crystal glass
  • Includes weighted base
  • Has thick glass walls
  • Multipurpose item

The Royal Imports Flower Glass Vase has sleek lines and an elegant countenance which makes it a welcome addition to any modern home. It features a weighted base for added stability and it is also reinforced with thicker glass walls. The vase is not only meant to hold your choice blooms, you can also put succulents in it, decorative items like colored gems and pearls, various vase fillers, lucky bamboo and ornamental twigs and branches. It makes for an excellent centerpiece in any table, for all occasions.


MintAndSoda Ceramic Face Flower Vase

  • Modern Ceramic Face vases
  • Choose from 2 colors- red or green
  • Functional and Fun
  • Unique home decor

These MintAndSoda Face Vases are a fun way to brighten up your home or office. They will be the centrepiece of any room. Just choose the hair style by adding your favourite fresh blooms and watch them transform. Also get the perfect cool hair happening with dried flowers, silk flowers or an artificial bouquet. Perfect for yourself or as a gift. 6.7 inch high x 4.9 inch wide


Sullivans Small Vase Set

  • The antiqued style will add a ‘welcoming appeal’, perfectly blending into any space
  • The perfect, neutral collection to decorate home and office
  • 3 mini, watertight vessels to host blooms in any sculptural composition
  • Bottle vases measure 5”, 7.5” and 10” tall
  • All-time best seller

Made from ceramic stoneware with a slight glossy finish, these rustic cream vases come in a range of sizes. The elegant, yet simplistic look will be sure to add some rustic charm to your mantel, tabletop, shelf, or along-side your favorite décor pieces. These sturdy ceramic vases are built to endure many for many years and can be used year-round.


Accent Plus Duo Tone Modern Vase

  • Crafted from fine glass material
  • Can be standalone decoration
  • Has striking indigo and violet tones
  • Exquisite Murano style glasswork

The Accent Plus Duo Tone Modern Vase has a stunning, swirly appearance that it can serve as a standalone tabletop décor. It features a graceful structure complemented by cool indigo and violet hues. The style of the vase is clearly Murano-inspired. It is made from high-quality glass material and the handcraft built is quite impressive. For those who want a sculptural piece for a vase, this is the right choice.


Rivet Modern Totem Stoneware Vases

  • Unique totem design
  • 100% authentic stoneware
  • Features matte black glaze
  • 3 different sizes and shapes

The Rivet Modern Totem Stoneware Vases is a set of vases with streamlined, contemporary geometric shapes. The vases are quite short, with the tallest measuring at just below 10 inches thus they are great as standalone décor for downsized shelves or as vases for studio apartments. The vases feature a black matte finish and the items have a sturdy quality to them which means they will last for a while. They complement modern, minimalist homes very well. The vases can be used separately but they can also function as a trio of standalone totem stoneware décor.


Luxury Lane Sommerso Teardrop Art Glass Vase

  • Made with multicolored glass
  • Elegant and beautiful
  • Has green, purple and blue hues
  • Comes with angled lip

The Luxury Lane Sommerso Teardrop Art Glass Vase has an eye-catching swirl of purple, blue and green colors, contained in a glass vase with a supreme elegant structure. The Sommerso hand-blown glasswork method is the inspiration for this vase—the transparent quality of this beautiful item lets light pass through to create a wonderful sight. The glass is not that fragile, in fact this one has great quality—it has sufficient heaviness and depth which allows it to remain stable on flat surfaces. Its striking appearance also further improves the beauty of flora.


Aoderun Glass Flower Vase with Metal Stand

  • Contemporary minimalist style
  • Made with high borosilicate glass
  • Has wrought iron bracket
  • Great for all types of flora

The Aoderun Glass Flower Vase with Metal Stand features a trendy geometric design which makes it a great complementary item in minimalist spaces. The vase is crafted from quality high borosilicate glass—this type of glass is far more durable compared to standard kinds. The transparent quality of this glass is also outstanding and is very easy on the eyes. The metal bracket meanwhile is made with sturdy wrought iron. The color is quite bright and suitable to the whole ensemble too, coated by means of a high-tech electroplating technique.


Di Maggio Modern Acrylic Clear Vase

  • Gorgeous transparent amber color
  • Thickened sides and bottom
  • Great for multipurpose floral arrangements
  • Makes for a nice gift

The Di Maggio Modern Acrylic Clear Vase is another choice chic find thanks to its muted yet gorgeous amber hue and sleek profile. The sides and the bottom of the vase has enough thickness for stability and strength. The wonderful amber tint complements all flowers contained in it and it also makes for a good standalone piece. Great to give away as gifts too for your plant-loving friends and family.

Refresh your home with fine bouquets of flowers. Put them in attractive vases for good measure, and watch as friends and family wow in agreement over your great taste in home décor.