Essential Bookshelves For The Home

It’s no secret that lots of people hold books dearly—books will forever be a trusted means of entertainment and information. But to organize our books, we need a dependable bookshelf. While stacking books on the floor or the table makes for a rather nice lived-in look, bookshelves help prevent clutter and it also give quick access to books you have yet to read. See our curated list of the best bookshelf additions to your home library.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the purpose of a bookshelf at home?

    Answer: Bookshelves are practical furniture that should be present in every home because for one, it helps clear up space for better organization of books and other related items. Bookshelves also help create style statements by complementing the existing home décor. Sizable, open bookshelves are great for showcasing not only books but other interesting items that you collect. Bookshelves also provide convenient, fast access to your book collection—this means no more lost books you have yet to read. Last but not least, bookshelves encourage the pursuit of reading to all members of the household.

  2. How can you use and enhance a bookshelf at home?

    Answer: Apart from stashing your interesting book collection, you can also display various items on the bookshelf. Get ingenious and artistic bookends to adorn your books. You can also put picture frames on unoccupied spaces—get picture frames that suit the style of the bookshelf and place memorable photos in them. Figurines are also another excellent way to perk up bookshelves—if you are a toy collector, you can showcase some of your collection on the shelf. Be creative with the positioning of your books—you can stack some of them on top of each other while several books stand upright. There are lots of items that you can put on it from your preferred knick-knacks, vases with flowers, little plant pots, magazines and more.

  3. How do you choose a good bookshelf?

    Answer: The best bookshelf must fit in the space provided without making the area look too congested. Get one that has the right size for your home library. Bookshelves also come in different types—see if you need a portable bookshelf, a wall-mounted one, a fixed model or an adjustable option. Make sure that the bookshelf is strong and stable—these shelves are typically made from hardwood or sturdy metal material. If you want a bookshelf to serve as accent piece, get one that has a presentable, interesting style but will still fit the current color scheme and décor of the room. If you have lots of large, bulky books, you can opt for a bookshelf with adjustable shelving options.

Our Top Picks


South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Bookcase

  • Sleek, modern styling
  • Has 3 adjustable shelves
  • Non-toxic, laminated particleboard
  • Eco-friendly choice

The South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Bookcase is a practical yet chic choice for a home bookshelf. It features 5 drawers with 3 adjustable ones to accommodate more books or items. The bookshelf has a striking modern look done up in durable, non-toxic laminated particleboard. The three adjustable shelves can accommodate up to 25 lbs. each while each fixed shelf supports up to 35 lbs. weight. If you want an eco-friendly choice, this one passes our standards nicely.


Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Wood Ladder Bookcase

  • Strong metal frame
  • Oak-laminated reclaimed wood
  • Vintage touch
  • Quick 30-minute assembly

The Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Wood Ladder Bookcase has a minimalist look with an understated vintage feel. The strength and stability of this bookshelf is due to its trusty metal frame with black powder-coated finish. This model in particular has a warm walnut color and it’s further accented by the laminates shelves which feature MDF oak paper. The shelf also offers lots of visual space due to its open-shelf style. Each shelf accommodates up to 50 lbs. of weight. As for setting up the unit, this one is pretty easy and will only cost you a half hour of your time.


Ameriwood Home Moberly Bookcase with Doors

  • Has 3 open shelves
  • Includes 2 adjustable shelves
  • Features 2 cabinet doors
  • Brushed nickel handles

The Ameriwood Home Moberly Bookcase with Doors is proudly American-made and it provides ample space to stash your books and other related items. The shelf’s design is comprised of an open front and a closed back. The lower half of the ensemble has cabinet doors—this is perfect in case you want some of your collections protected. The brushed nickel handles also flatter the bookcase and it provides a secure, balanced grip. Its vertical form also makes this one a nice shelf for corner storage.


Atlantic Windowpane Adjustable Media Cabinet

  • Has windowpane sliding glass door
  • Dense base and frame
  • Includes adjustable shelves
  • Durable tempered glass and MDF

The Atlantic Windowpane Adjustable Media Cabinet offers a good spot not only for your books but for your CD, DVD and VHS tape collections as well. It features a sliding glass windowpane design for convenient media access. The case also serves adjustable shelving for more flexible organization. To guarantee durability and stability, this media cabinet is made with a combo of MDF wood and tempered glass. Using those two materials promise topnotch strength and guarantees the structural reliability of the whole unit.


Winsome Wood Mission Shelving

  • 4-tier foldable shelf
  • Solid beechwood
  • Natural finish
  • Spacious shelves

The Winsome Wood Mission Shelving is not only a functional and practical piece for the home, it also perks up the space where it’s located due to its distinctive slim design. It’s a modern creation that suits the homes of today. It comes with spacious shelves and slated sides. The bookcase is made from solid, sturdy beechwood with maximum stability but it’s still light enough to be moved around and put together. If you want something contemporary for your home library, this one might make the cut.


Coaster Home Furnishings Asymmetrical Snaking Bookcase

  • Transparent tempered shelves
  • Interesting modern design
  • Won’t require assembly
  • Solid foundation

If you want an eye-catching bookcase, this one from Coaster Home Furnishings is a topnotch pick. It features a striking asymmetrical, snaking design for a modern feel. The materials used to build this bookshelf include sturdy melamine paper, tempered glass and strong, durable boards. The shelf is composed of polished white and black finishes and provides enough room for your tomes, knick-knacks and home essentials.

Enrich your mind by reading and organize those tomes through dependable bookshelves. Get more ideas by using our handy guide as reference. Lots of bookshelves are available today, and there’s good variety too so you can choose the best fit for your home library.