Best Fake Flowers You Can Buy for the Home

It’s no mystery that that the presence of beautiful, real flowers instantly boosts our living spaces with their stunning colors, shapes, textures and fragrance. However, if you are on a budget and want to have them through different seasons, it is best that you invest instead on high-quality faux flowers. These blooms have their advantages, and if you want the best recommendations, do check out the rest of this handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the advantages of artificial or faux flowers?

    Answer: Faux flowers are often priced more reasonably compared to real ones. In addition, artificial flower varieties are available all year round. Because of the materials they are made with, faux flowers, when maintained well, can last for a long time. Faux flowers are also easier to care for since they do not need sustenance like water—all it needs is some dusting and minimal cleanup. It will not wilt and get the attention of bugs. If you are practicing flower arrangements, it is better if you practice with artificial flowers first before using real ones, which can be delicate.

  2. What are the different types of faux flowers?

    Answer: The most common faux flower types include fabric or silk flowers, foam flowers, latex, wax-coated and polymer flowers. Silk or fabric flowers come in a nice range of colors, styles and shapes and they are easy to mix with other flowers. Foam ones are the most affordable and they are a breeze to work with, pliable and lightweight. Latex flowers offer the most accurate rendition of real blooms and they do not have worn edges too. Wax-coated ones are high-quality faux flowers and they also offer a distinctive, realistic touch. Polymer flowers meanwhile is the most expensive artificial flower type but they also offer a lifelike quality to them from the texture down to the shape, size and color.

  3. How do you take care for faux flowers?

    Answer: You can clean faux flowers by using a feather duster on them every day. If you want a deeper clean, you can try this method—put a stocking over the end of your vacuum cleaner, set the device on its lowest setting and use it to siphon off the dust on the flowers. You can also remove dust and dirt by using a damp cloth on them. If you want a faster and more reliable method, you can invest on flower cleaning sprays instead. A more affordable alternative to those flower cleaning sprays, you can also try compressed air but take note to hold the flowers correctly because a burst of air coming from these compressed air units is on the strong side.

Our Top Picks


Duovlo Fake Flowers Vintage Artificial Peony Silk Flowers

  • Vintage peony flower look
  • Includes 13 stems with 6 flowers
  • Has 2 buds
  • Great for room décor and events

The Duovlo Fake Flowers Vintage Artificial Peony Silk Flowers are a bunch of high-quality, lovely blooms that are great to use as room décor or as a bouquet for weddings and centerpieces for special events. The whole set comes with 13 stems, 6 flowers and 2 buds. The peonies are also available in a good selection of color—choose only one color type or combine them for a more stunning look. You can also mix these silk flowers with other faux blossom variants and leaves.


Mandy’s 20pcs Milk White Artificial Calla Lily Flowers

  • Made from high-quality polyurethane
  • Includes durable plastic stems
  • 13.4-inch height
  • Set comes with 20 latex lilies

Mandy’s 20pcs Milk White Artificial Calla Lily Flowers is crafted with high-quality latex and plastic materials for a more realistic approach on calla lilies. The flowers have first-rate quality—you can see it on its texture, color and form. It has a very realistic countenance and remains fresh-looking for a long while too. The latex material is soft but has a stable and strong feel to it. Looks great with any application you prefer whether for special events, as a brooch or as home décor.


Nearly Natural 1367-PE Rose Arrangement with Vase

  • Made with 100% polyester
  • 11-inch height
  • Complete rose form
  • Comes in beautiful vase with artificial water

If you want a unique color for an artificial rose, you can bet that the Nearly Natural 1367-PE Rose Arrangement with Vase is your style. The hue of these roses is rich, deep and gorgeous to look at. The blooms are made from quality 100 percent polyester and already comes contained in a stunning vase with artificial water. While we can all agree that there are no better subs for real roses, these purple ones are good enough and they are available all year round, to boot. Great as décor for the home and as a distinctive centerpiece for events.


Generies Multicolor Tulips Artificial Flowers Arrangement

  • Set comes with 30-piece tulips
  • Comes with flexible stems
  • Made from high-quality PE latex foam
  • Environment-friendly

The Generies Multicolor Tulips Artificial Flowers Arrangement is an excellent choice if you want more bulbous flora to include in your home flower arrangements. The blooms are made from high-quality polyurethane latex foam, and that alone makes for a nice eco-friendly approach to faux flowers. The tulips have a lifelike quality and each bloom features a rich, eye-catching color. They have a sturdy yet pliable feel and they are easy to clean and maintain too. Set comes with a good 30 pieces of tulip blooms.


Kislohum Artificial Hydrangea Flower Heads

  • Made with high-quality silk fabric
  • Long 9.8-inch stems
  • 54 petals for every flower head
  • Striking purple color

Hydrangeas are exquisite flowers and they are well-represented in these Kislohum Artificial Hydrangea Flower Heads. These quality flowers are made wit silk fabric and each head comes with a longer 9.8-inch stem. Each flower head also comes with 54 petals. These blooms are extra-nice used as colorful décor for your living space—whether set up as neat floral arrangements or as a wreath, its presence will be greatly enjoyed.


Miracliy 5 Pack 41 FT Fake Rose Vine Flowers

  • Pack includes 5 rose vines
  • 8.2 ft. in length
  • Great for special events and festivals
  • Re-attaches easily

If you want trails of fine, high-quality roses, you should check out these Miracliy 5 Pack 41 FT Fake Rose Vine Flowers. The packages comes with 5 separate rose vines, with a length totaling 8.2 feet and has blooms with a size of 1.6 inches. Every garland in the pack comes with 45 leaves and 45 flowers. The blooms are made from high-quality silk fabric with lifelike, opulent coloring and a smooth feel, The flower heads do not have glue on them but they are easy to put back on once it falls off. Very gorgeous to use on weddings, proms, festivals, patios and the home.

Real flowers are so nice to have and look at. However, these flowers are seasonal in nature thus if you want their presence seen throughout the year, faux flowers are the next best thing.