Add More Spark to Living Spaces with the Best Chandeliers

Have you been considering giving your home a much-needed lift without spending a ton of cash on it? Why not add chandelier lighting? Chandeliers are a very gorgeous and attention-grabbing way to light up a room—in the daytime, they make for exquisite ornamental pieces while in the evenings, they can provide either brilliant lights or romantic mood lighting. Modern chandeliers are also friendlier on the budget—you can easily get a quality piece that suits your aesthetics and has a price that can’t be beat. Here are our top selections.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the different types of chandeliers?

    Answer: There are 3 common types of chandeliers today—the crystal, black and contemporary chandelier. The crystal chandelier is a classic style and it is composed of carefully-cut glass crystals. It’s popular with many homeowners due to the colorful effects lights cause whenever it hits the crystals. Black chandeliers are another popular choice—it is composed of black glass crystals and give off a grand, Gothic and romantic look to any room. Contemporary chandeliers meanwhile feature more adventurous, unique styles—some come in Art Deco form, industrial motifs or feature a clean, geometric style that’s quite fitting with modern homes.

  2. What types of lighting are used on chandeliers?

    Answer: The common lighting types used on chandeliers include ambient lighting, accent lighting and diffused lighting. Chandeliers with ambient lighting typically feature open lights and include lots of bulbs to light up and entire room. Ones with accent lighting only illuminate a specific spot or object in the room. Diffused lighting chandeliers meanwhile give off a warm, dreamy glow which is perfect for mood lighting.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing chandeliers?

    Answer: The length of the chandelier chain will depend on where you plan on placing the piece. If you want to put it over the dining table, the chandelier must be 30 inches on top of it at the least—this assures the item will be sufficiently low to provide adequate lighting. If you want to place it in an area where people will be walking beneath it, the chandelier should be level with the ceiling. The style of the chandelier will depend on your taste, preference but make sure that it still suits the design scheme of the area or home. Get the lighting that you require and lastly, go for models that are easy to maintain and has a design which makes bulb removal and replacement simple.

Our Top Picks


Saint Mossi Modern Elegant K9 Crystal Glass Chandelier

  • Measures 19 x 19 x 4.4 inches
  • Has glass fixture
  • With quality K9 crystal droplets
  • Easy to install

The Saint Mossi Modern Elegant K9 Crystal Glass Chandelier is the real deal—the crystal droplets used on this model are made from authentic crystals. The company does not utilize knockoffs or acrylics. The crystals are protected by a white PE film to assure that the droplets will not get scratched over the course of delivery. Remove the PE film prior to installation so you can check out its stunning form. Very high-quality, has first-rate craftmanship and easy to set up.


Worldwide Lighting Lyre Collection Crystal Chandelier

  • Measures 26 x 22 x 72 inches
  • Uses 8 60W incandescent bulbs
  • With brass frame and chrome finish
  • Has Golden Teak crystals

The Worldwide Lighting Lyre Collection Crystal Chandelier is another contemporary model that presents lights and a nice array of Golden Teak crystals for a striking look. Everything in tthis piece is brilliant, from the first-rate crystals down to the sophisticated chrome finish. The piece accommodates 8 incandescent lights and also includes a brass frame. This is a model piece that has a nice vintage touch to it. The chandelier is also UL-listed for safety standards in the U.S. and Canada.


ZEEFO Crystal Chandelier

  • Measures 11.8 x 11 inches
  • Uses 120V 4W bulb
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality design

The ZEEFO Crystal Chandelier has a round style that makes for a unique, outstanding piece. Its modern shape is further enhanced by its strands of sparkling first-class crystals. The weight of this one is quite substantial thus it can stand on its own very well. The crystals for this piece are the real eye-catchers-it has a sheer tint to it which mutes the light so it’s still pleasant to the eyes, not glaringly harsh. This one also requires simple assembly—the package includes a detailed installation manual plus the required hardware.


Waneway Acrylic Chandelier Shade

  • Measures 16.9 x 12.6 inches
  • Suits majority of light fittings
  • Easy to install
  • Won’t require electrical installation

The Waneway Acrylic Chandelier Shade may leave your guests inspired enough to get their own chandelier. This beautiful pendant lampshade is fashioned with lots of acrylic jewel droplets that offer serious gleam whenever lights reflect on its surface. The crystals come in a diamond style and its seamless, classy looks are perfect for sprucing up dining areas, lounges, the hallway, the living room and the balcony. The model also comes with a reducing ring so it will fit majority of lamp sockets.


ISURAUL Industrial Chandelier

  • Sleek, hip geometric bronze finish cage
  • Great for vintage and industrial-type home interiors
  • Offers adjustable height
  • With dimmable feature

The ISURAUL Industrial Chandelier has a sleek and neat design which allows it to blend well with surroundings and home furnishings. It improves the ambiance of modern homes but it complements living spaces with design schemes that border on minimalist, industrial and vintage. It also comes with a longer cable measuring up to 59 inches for easier height adjustments. Need to change light brightness? You can use the dimmer switch on this one.


Q&S Mini Crystal Chandelier

  • Stylish and tasteful crystal chandelier
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suits any E26 bulbs
  • Has dimmable feature

Complement a black and white design scheme by adding the glamorous black Q&S Mini Crystal Chandelier. This classical crystal chandelier features black authentic crystals that produce an exquisite shine whenever lights hit its surface. The unit is compatible with any E26 bulbs plus it allows dimming if you use dimmable bulbs and a matching switch on it. Great to set up in the living room, the dining room, hallways, entryways, bars, balconies and the like. A cinch to put together as well since it comes half-assembled and the package includes a clear installation manual.

Chandeliers provide many benefits. Apart from giving either bright or subdued lighting, the unit can also be used to draw attention to a specific area of the room. Its intricate, beautiful crystal-strewn built with the classical graceful curves or hip, symmetrical modern frames enhance the home and makes everything around it look more elegant and sleeker.